Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

Which generation immigrants are Manny´s parents, brothers and he

Manny´s parents:

-typical 1st gen. immigrant
-keep traditions
-do not accept British people / the British culture / don´t want to adapt
-proud of their origin
-came to Britain in order to work ->plan to go back
-don´t feel at home in Britain
-fear children would become more British
-think education is waste of time ->better earn money

Manny´s brothers:

-2nd gen. immigrants but they do not behave like that
->position between the typical 1st and 2nd generation
->pride (parents, origin, tradition)
->identify with Punjabi culture


-2nd gen. immigrant
-does not want to adapt Punjabi traditions
-never went to the Punjab
-no Asian friends
-strongly influenced by Western culture (eg. music)
->he is not a typical representative of a 2nd generation either

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