Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

poem: First and second generation immigrants

I hold my roots
While I shed my leaves.
Itry to keep my face in place.
But sometimes it goes,
And my true colour shows.
At home I am foreign
In school I am foreign.
What is there, is what I see,
I can only be ... me!
Nadani Chandramohan
What is the author trying to convey ? / Discuss and / or write about her feelings about coming from two cultures. / Why does she feel foreing everywhere ? / How successful is she in making her feelings clear ?
-two cultures = people from two cultures are "between the chairs" -> don´t feel at home in one country
-consider themselves as foreigners -> they are considered as foreigners
-she = tree
-the roots (parents home country) are often not visible, out they are indispensable for the tree´s life
-leaves = visible, can fall down, change their colour
-she says that although she tries to keep up her image (adapt to the British way of life) sometimes her "true colour" shows -> so people only rarely recognize her for who she really is -> she tries to conceal her cultural identity / her ethnicity (colour)
-she can neither identify with her schoolmates nor with her family
-> she feels foreign and pretends to be somebody she is not (she has two different personas)
her message:
-> she wants to be accepted and free. She demands freedom from the conflicting pressures she is exposed to and wants to be herself

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