Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

Homework: Imagine you are Manny and experience the Sunday afternoon (Reading diary)

This day was different. It was Sunday, so my old man was sober because of his gurudwara. He pretends to be so religious but if you were in my position you would recognize the truth. He is such an alcoholic and normally really aggressive. But not today.
He wanted to persuade me again to marry this girl from India. The daughter of some uncle in India. He can´t let off. I think he will never realize that I don´t want to get married at seventeen to an unknown girl.
As I said it he kind of freaked out and told me something about honor and duty or so. It felt like I couldn´t change anything. Everything was sorted out, they said every time.
The situation reminded me of my brothers. They were in the same situation and my parents convinced them. Now they are married and it will be the same with me.
But I have to fight against their will. It´s my life.

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