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reading diary: part two (short summaries)

part two: a year later

Chapter Seven

Chapter seven takes place in December. Manny is caught by steeling an empty CD case and waits in an interview room for Ranjit to come and pick him up. His brothers are really angry and forbid Manny to go out any more. Manny sais that he is not getting married at 17 even if his dad would kill him.

Chapter Eight

Manny´s dad is angry and sais that Manny has to think about his future. He talked to a friend of him in India about his daughter and has already sorted everything out. Because Manny doesn´t want to marry he is in trouble. Manny thinks of his brothers´ situations and the emotional blackmail they were set to. He doesn´t know what to do.

Chapter Nine

Manny is in Year 10 at school and is over a year together with Lisa now. He has a strong discussion with his Indian teacher, Sandhu, about his behavior at school, because he writes bad marks and skips lessons. His teacher also addresses the relationship to Lisa and what his parents think of that.

Chapter Ten

Lisa is very shocked when Manny tells her about his discussion with Mr. Sandhu and asks him out about what they talked about. Manny hasn´t seen Ady for a while and misses him. Lisa tries to lead Manny to say no to the marriage and Manny wants to unarrange the marriage. He hates the way he has to sneak around in order to be with the girl that he loves.

Chapter Eleven

Manny spends time with Lisa´s family instead of his and skips lessons to see Ady, who left school. Manny also is endangered to leave school and is kicked out of the football team. Ady rings up and reminds Manny of being a bad boy so they go to a disco at night and nobody noticed a thing.

Chapter Twelve
End of November

Manny has a hangover from the last night and continues to write down his ideal way of living. At his birthday on Saturday he goes to a pub with his dad and his brothers but feels so bored that he goes home. His brothers and all their friends laugh about him because Harry teases him. Manny phones Lisa and walks to her house.

Chapter Thirteen

Manny talks to Lisa and her parents about his problems and Lisa wishes she could change it all for him. She really supports him and they talk about their relationship and the marriage. Lisa invites Manny to come over on Saturday night because her parents want to talk to them. Ady helps Manny to muck Ranjit so Manny can go to Lisa´s house. Just before he goes to Lisa he gets to know that Ady is going to be a father. Later Lisa´s family welcomes him and her parents talk to them about having sex. Then they have the house for themselves.

Chapter Fourteen

The night cements their relationship and Manny spends a few more nights with Lisa. His live was all about evenings he spends with Lisa and sneaking out of his house. Manny has no hope of doing well at his GCSEs and is one skive away from being expelled. He also forgets Ady´s birthday but celebrates it in a bar with him later. When he sneaks back into school, his teacher wonders where he comes from and he pukes and passed out. At home he couldn´t remember where he was and then Ranjit says that his education is over.

Chapter Fifteen

Harry tells Manny that he will go to India with his family. He didn´t see Lisa or Ady all that time. His family forces him to go with emotional blackmail at its worst. Manny is stuck in the situation and very angry. Ranjit´s wife Jas talks to Manny and creates a friendly level. She promises it will only be holiday, but Manny misses Lisa and Ady. Then he gets a letter from Lisa who also misses him but goes to Australia. Manny feels as if she drops him so he says that he will go to India. He thinks about what he is going to do with his live, without Lisa and Ady.

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