Sonntag, 20. Dezember 2009

Muslim, Hindu and modernized weddings

Muslim wedding customs

-boy´s family takes the first step ( ask for the girl)
-family of girl must have tha same status
-choose a relative or friend who checks the girl out
-the couple meets
->arranged marriage
-the boy has to give a present to the girl
->financally indipendent

Hindu wedding customs

-the girl´s family has to make the first step
-the girls marry with 18 years
-the boys marry with 20-25 years
-the women have to pay for their men (doury)

Modernized wedding customs

-(only for middle class)
-first advertisements
-coffee or meal on their owm either at home / restaurant (before deciding to commit)
-allowed to reject suitors
-engagements can last 6 months
-call out what is most oppressive in the traditional system

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