Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2009

analyse of language (p.18, l.11 - p.19, l.20)


-"not bloody goreh" (p.18, l.26) ->is a racist
-"we are Punjabis and proud of it" (p.18, l.33-37)
-line 40 -> father isn´t interested in Manny´s wishes or his opinion; he is dominant
-vocabulary: proud (l.34); duty (l.10); pride (l.11); honour (l.11)
-hangover (l.16)->alcoholic, real bender (l.40)
-all Punjabi are same (l.25)
-picking his ear with a forefinger (l.19) ->disgusting

->not interested in his son; impolite; conservative / pride; bad manners; alcoholic


-"yes daddy-ji" (l.13)
->indicated respect
-"I was extra polite to him" (l.13)
->seems to be polite but does not mean it

->represented as good son, tries to avoid to arguement with his father

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