Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Manny and his friends

relationship to Adrian (Ady)

-best friends, good relationship
-do a lot together
-knows about Manny´s family-situation / his problems
-talk about everything
-know each other since junior school
-Manny leads Ady astray ->shoplifting
-Ady=Manny´s future?!
-helps him to get to know Lisa
-Ady: key to western life
-"friendship first" ->spending time with Ady is a distraction from Manny´s problems

->will help him to break free / free himself from his family

relationship with Lisa

-Manny´s first girlfriend
-knows about his family situation / the arranged marriage
->supports him / wants to help him
-talk about Manny´s future
->how to escape
-Lisa: very open minded + understanding
-respect Manny + his family

->now support, help, guidance, love
will help him to break free

->Manny´s friends are a counterbalance to his family / his problems
->They make a difference in Manny´s life!

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