Dienstag, 24. November 2009

homework: characterisation of Manny´s mother / attitude towards the identity and how presented in the novel

Manny´s mother was born in India. She speaks Punjabi and a little bit of bad English. She spends all time long in the kitchen, cooking and watching Asian TV-channels. She is a good Punjabi-wife but she is not like a real mother. She doesn´t listen to Manny and never speaks to him. Only to shout at him or to ask what he wants to eat for dinner. She never helps Manny with his homework or even watches for him to do them. Maybe it is because she never went to school herself. She is introduced as "odd", like a stranger. All in all she does not really like her son Manny because he does not follow the traditions she lives for.

Manny´s mother behaves like she is described. She shouts at Manny if he does not follow the traditions and she is very strict with him. She wants to do everything very well so she does not get in trouble with her husband. Her identity and how she is presented in the novel is just the same.

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